Classic Investment Concept - Here is a video power point presentation on how I perceive one would integrate stock option trading into a "Classic Investment Concept" .... Hope you enjoy the presentation it is about 20 minutes long ...

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Self Finance an Introduction - Some history on the start of the Circle of Money and where it can take you.  All it takes is a desire and the willingness to do the work to become an astute investor and stock market trader.

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Gary Wrote on June 1st 2016

Brian when are you going to offer a group program ?

Brian Wrote on June 5th 2016

A group is planned in 2016  please call or email me, express interest, you will be notified of date and time when the date is solidified.


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I have been scribbling down here are a few random thoughts lately with a view to create a book at some point in the future, hope you enjoy some of my ramblings .... click on the topic

Anything can be "Appreciated" ...

"Volatility & Volume"

"Definition of Money"

"Rant on DEBT"




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