Hello ... My Name is Brian Sashuk I am the founder of "The Circle of Money" .......

I have been an active investor in the Stock Market since 1999 experiencing all aspects of the environment ranging from private equity holdings all the way up to my current environment which is primarily U.S. blue chip stock trading in the NASDAQ and NYSE market place.


Over the years I have developed a trading/investment training that works extremely well and is developed and based entirely on my own " hands on " experience.

I created this training because some people that have observed my lifestyle in the past asked me to share my knowledge, they said to me a life style that includes a working "Self Managed" financial activity like trading profitable stock positions is extremely attractive to them.

So, I developed a training program that brings to the table a refreshing, straight forward way for you to begin trading with confidence, joy and high performance. I am passionate about "Self Finance" and passionate about training people to be independent of all of the hype and noise that really should not come into play when one is taking action on something as important as ones own financial well being.

Over the years I feel I have become really good at the "art" of making people feel comfortable and confident so they are able to trade independently and profitably...


Too often in recent times, we investors have been subjected to situations where we have depended on third parties to manage our money and have come up short, the time has come where a "Self Managed" stock portfolio can now display stellar performance if one is knowledgeable enough. The computers and internet stability is here to support us in our own activities in this regard. The time is now.

I can give you the knowledge that will show you that you have the ability to do this.

The stock market is a system that is rich with opportunity for those that are able to take timely action initiated from a solid base of "know how" ...

It has proven in fact to provide a REAL opportunity of wealth for those that have mastered knowledge in this environment.

It is easy to get drowned in the tidal wave of information that comes at us these days regarding the activity of research on the topic, take it from me "I have been there and done it" , now you do not have to...

So over the years and in response to the request from people whom have observed my trading life style, I developed a unique, fun, effective method of showing people how easy and profitable trading & stock market investing can be ..



you can start immediately simply by asking your 

YOUR top TWO QUESTIONS  about your personal investing aspirations ..

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Answers to your questions at no cost to you... as well as be given

an opportunity to learn ....my time tested investment strategies, you can be taught my proven methods which will potentially increase your wealth, minimize your risk and eliminate the costly learning curve that most self taught investors experience ...

Safe and confidential learning environment.....in a typical demographic nine out of ten first time investors fail to make profit, I understand those odds and can fast track you into the ten percentile zone that consistently succeeds ...



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